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Yamaha VX110, V1, VX, FX and EX Engines.

Yamaha 2005-2015 VX1100 4 cylinder engines. Motors fit 2005-2015 Yamaha VX110 waverunners and some jet boats. All our motors are OEM “Orginal Equipment Manufacturer” motors are sold long block, drop in ready. Motors come with sensors, stater, starter, exhaust, intake, gear reduction, and with oil resvoirs. These engines are sold in two ways.

1-OEM Used Longblock, good running tested, and inspected engine, compression run etc, 4 cylinder drop in and go!!! $2000-$3000

2-OEM Core motor, engine is rebuidlable, either needing, new rings, valve job etc. May turn over but has low compression. Call for details. Price $1000-$1500 USD

We have Yamaha TR-1 3 cylinder 1.0 High Output Engines for sale. Motors fit 2016-2020 VX, V1, and EX models. Our motors are sold OEM “Orginal Equipment Manufacturer” unless otherwise specified. Motors come with sensors, exhaust, intake, stator, and with oil resvoir. We sell them in three separate ways.

1- OEM used engine, motor is tested, inpected, compression, etc, running drop in, long block with exhaust, intake, stator, starter, sensors $3000-3500.00 USD

2- OEM rebuilt, with new Yamaha rings,with new Yamaha bearings, etc, motor is tested and inspected $4000.00 USD

3- OEM Core motor- meaning engine can be rebuilt, either needs new rings, bearings, and or head job etc, motors may turn over and have low compression, will be specified. $1000-$1500 USD

Local sale or export Avalible. Call (305) 741-3157 or (912) 541-0647.  You will always be speaking with me the owner Michael Miller. We work hard to help our customers, rental operations and privateers as well. We don’t want your business once, we want it continually year after year.

We also have 1-2007 FX 1.6 High Output naturally aspirated engine. Fits 2002-2008 FX Yamaha models and some Yamaha Jetboats $3000 oem longblock 180 hours with all electrics.