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13 units 2019 Yamaha VX-C $5500-6500each

Selling 13 Yamaha VX-C rental models, some have newly rebuilt engines $5500-6500 each, new new paint; motors have been fogged and are ready to go!!! Trailer are not included. Call/WhatsApp (912) 541-0647

Yamaha TR-1 motors and Parts

We have following Yamaha Waverunner Motors and parts. OEM TR-1 Engine 3 cyl; longblock with sensors, starter, stater. $3500-4500 no core needed! TR-1 ECU’s: $500-$700 TR-1 Wiring Harness $200-300 TR-1 EX/VX jetpumps $550 TR-1 handlebar controls $150-300 We also have … Continue reading