2017/18 Yamaha TR-1 3 cylinder 1.0 engines VX/V1/EX motors for sale.

Core engines: Used OEM
We have Yamaha TR-1 3 cylinder 1.0 High Output Engines for sale. Motors fit 2016-2020 VX, V1, and EX models. Our motors are sold OEM “Orginal Equipment Manufacturer” unless otherwise specified. Motors come with sensors, exhaust, intake, stator, and with oil resvoir. We sell them in three separate ways.

1- OEM used engine, motor is tested, inpected, compression, etc, running drop in, long block with exhaust, intake, stator, starter, sensors $3000-3500.00 USD

2- OEM rebuilt, with new Yamaha rings,with new Yamaha bearings, etc, motor is tested and inspected $4000.00 USD

3- OEM Core motor- meaning engine can be rebuilt, either needs new rings, bearings, and or head job etc, motors may turn over and have low compression, will be specified. $1000-$1500 USD

Local sale or export Avalible. Call (305) 741-3157 or (912) 541-0647.  You will always be speaking with me the owner Michael Miller. We work hard to help our customers, rental operations and privateers as well. We don’t want your business once, we want it continually year after year.


2011 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe with blown motor. Ecu and wiring harness for sale.

Selling / Parting out several 2011 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe waverunners

1-2011 vx110 Deluxe hull with blown motor, ski is missing wiring harness, and ecu. Ski still has motor blown, fuel pump, jet pump, gauges, intermediate housing. $1300 with title

2-2011 vx110 Deluxe hulls with titles, no motors, no electronics $1000 each

Wiring harness part# 6bu-8259l-a0-00
Price $450 3 available

Ecu part #6BU-8591A-A0-00 / 6BU-A0
Price $350 3 available

Call (912) 541-0647
Local sale, export, etc

21 Jet Skis Yamaha & Seadoo Wholesale South Florida

  • All Skis have clean titles, most need work.
  • Mechanics specials, some run
$60,000 will separate

1-2017 V1 with Reverse “white” TR-1 3 cylinder high output engine, I-Ride, complete ski, needs engine work. Engine turns over has low compression
2-2017 VX Cruiser, “red” 3 cylinder high output, has low compression, missing ECU, *motor turns over has low compression
2-2017 VX Deluxe, “blue” 3 cylinder high outputs, I-ride, *motors have low compression, skis are missing ecu and harnesses.

1-2015 VX1100, blown engine, needs body work too.
2-2016 Yamaha V1’s, complete skis, need Enginés work, TR-1 high outputs, *motors tune over have low compression
1-2017 EX sport W/reverse and rear step, complete ski, needs engine work.
1-2007 Yamaha FX High Output 160HP, 1.6 naturally aspirated. *Motor is good, hull is a little beat up, motor has been pulled and fogged.
1-2016 V1 high output, 3 cylinder, ski is missing harness and ecu, *motor had low compression.
1-2016 “green” V1 3 cylinder high output, complete ski, *hull is super clean looks great, ski been sitting; think pumps locked up, motor should be good.
2-2016 Yamaha V1 3 cylinder high output, *motors have low compression, need body work, one has reverse.
3-2015 Seadoo GTS 4tec, 1500cc, clean skis, one needs starter, all three need new batteries,
3-2011 Yamaha VX110 W/reverse, complete skis, been sitting a while, need to be gone through.
1-2014 VX110, complete ski, “grey”, was running been sitting.
Powersports Brokers Inc.
(305) 741 3157

Yamaha V1 VX and EX parts and motors for sale.

Selling the following parts/ parting out skis. 2009-2017 VX110 & V1, EX.

2009-2015 VX110
Wiring Harness $400
Ecu $300
Throttle body $300
Injectors $50 each
Gauges $200-400
Jet pump $350
Fuel pumps $150
Motor oem $2500
Core motor $1000

2016-2018 V1, VX, & Ex
Wiring Harness $250
Ecu- ex $300, v1 $350, VX $450
Jet pump $300
Fuel pump $150
Throttle body $350
Coils $50
Motor $3000
Motor with electrics $3500
Core $2000

call (305) 741-3157 or (912) 541-0647

2016 & 2017 Yamaha V1 and EX WaveRunners cheap cheap

2-2017 Yamaha EX Deluxe WaveRunners, clean machines but need tune ups, been sitting. 3 cylinder TR-1 Enginés 100HP, skis have reverse etc. Color blue, price 3750 each 

2-2016 Yamaha V1 WaveRunners, complete unit’s been sitting need engine work tune ups etc. have TR-1 H.O. Motors, clean hulls, color Yellow.  Price $3500

3-2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunners, big body Vx hulls with reverse, brakes etc. TR-1 H.O. Motors good running clean machines.Color: red/white/Black. Price $5500 each firm

4-2017 EX WaveRunners , green/white color, 3 cylinder skis 400-600 hours good running units.clean bodies. Well maintained.Price $4500 each 

6-2017 V1 yamaha WaveRunners, TR-1 H.O. Engines, big body ski, good reliable units, clean hulls, well maintained. Green/white and yellow/white hulls , 300-600 hours $4500 each 

Locale sale or export all have clean titles 

Call (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157


Yamaha VX V1 EX FX engine package deals!!!

Yamaha WaveRunner Engine package deals. 

Note: all OEM Engines come with all sensors, exhaust, intake, starter, stator, and oil reservoir. All engines are Fäctory Yamaha not rebuilt! Drop in and go. Engine have been Water tested and Compression tested.

2005-2015 VX110/vx1100 4 cylinder

Motor $2500

Vx110/vx1100 Motor with Harness, ECU, Throttle body. $3000-3500

2002-2008 FX High Output 1.6 1100cc

Non supercharged $3500 with all electrics and harness.

2016/2019 Yamaha TR-1 1.0 High Output 3 cylinder. V1/ VX Cruiser/ EX

Motor $3000-3500

Motor with harness etc $3500/4000

Local sale and export avaliable

Call (305) 741-3157 or (912) 541-0647


2017 Yamaha VX High Output Crusiers 3 passenger running $5000 each

We have 3 – 2017 Yamaha VX High Outputs Cruisers. Large body WaveRunners, 3 passenger. High Output 1 liter engine 110HP, 60mph, clean titles, front and rear storage. Digital gas and speedo gauges. Hulls are super clean. They have I-ride system, brakes, reverse and folding rear steps.
$5000 each trailer not included.
Delivery avalible, Export and Local sale.
Call (305) 741-3157

7- 2017 Yamaha V1 High Output WaveRunners $4500 each

We have 7 good running clean 2017 Yamaha V1 High Output /VX110 WaveRunners, completely refurbished, engine hVe good compression and run strong. New paint new bumpers. Clean Florida titles Local sale or export. These are the larger body VX models.

Call (305) 741-3157 Delivery avalible