Sold!!! Cheap Yamaha VX WaveRunners $2700

We have several cheap running WaveRunners. Prices don’t include trailer.

1-2015 VX Cruiser yamaha, 3 pssenger machine, motor runs strong, body little beat up, ski has reverse. color/Blue $2700 sold sold sold

2-2008 VX110 WaveRunners yamaha, good running machines, some scratches, motors super clean only 400 hours
Color/red&white. $2888

1-2011 Yamaha VX110 deluxe, ski has reverse etc, good running machine, does need little body work bondo kinda stuff, clean title running.
Color/ red&white $2888

1-2016 vx hull only with title $2000

1-2007 FX High Output hull with title, no motor. Color silver. $1200
Fx High Output complete engine $3500

5-2015 Yamaha V1 WaveRunners, motors
Run great good compression, 3 passenger machines, bodies need work, they float and run and drive, wholesale
Color/yellow&white $3999each

8-2014 Yamaha vx110, good clean machines, new paint, new seats, 3 passenger machines, motors have good compression. $4200 each delivered to miami if you buy all 8!!!
Color/ silver&awhile

1-2009 FX SHO supercharged, good running machine 200 hours, new seats, just needs ride plate, $3999!!!!!  Sold sold sold

Call (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157

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