2016 & 2017 Yamaha V1 and EX WaveRunners cheap cheap

2-2017 Yamaha EX Deluxe WaveRunners, clean machines but need tune ups, been sitting. 3 cylinder TR-1 Enginés 100HP, skis have reverse etc. Color blue, price 3750 each 

2-2016 Yamaha V1 WaveRunners, complete unit’s been sitting need engine work tune ups etc. have TR-1 H.O. Motors, clean hulls, color Yellow.  Price $4000 each

3-2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunners, big body Vx hulls with reverse, brakes etc. TR-1 H.O. Motors good running clean machines.Color: red/white/Black. Price $5500 each firm

4-2017 EX WaveRunners , green/white color, 3 cylinder skis 400-600 hours good running units.clean bodies. Well maintained.Price $4500 each 

6-2017 V1 yamaha WaveRunners, TR-1 H.O. Engines, big body ski, good reliable units, clean hulls, well maintained. Green/white and yellow/white hulls , 300-600 hours $4500 each 

Locale sale or export all have clean titles 

Call (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157


2017 Yamaha VX High Output Crusiers 3 passenger running $5000 each

We have 3 – 2017 Yamaha VX High Outputs Cruisers. Large body WaveRunners, 3 passenger. High Output 1 liter engine 110HP, 60mph, clean titles, front and rear storage. Digital gas and speedo gauges. Hulls are super clean. They have I-ride system, brakes, reverse and folding rear steps.
$5000 each trailer not included.
Delivery avalible, Export and Local sale.
Call (305) 741-3157

Sold!!! Cheap Yamaha VX WaveRunners $2700

We have several cheap running WaveRunners. Prices don’t include trailer.

1-2015 VX Cruiser yamaha, 3 pssenger machine, motor runs strong, body little beat up, ski has reverse. color/Blue $2700 sold sold sold

2-2008 VX110 WaveRunners yamaha, good running machines, some scratches, motors super clean only 400 hours
Color/red&white. $2888

1-2011 Yamaha VX110 deluxe, ski has reverse etc, good running machine, does need little body work bondo kinda stuff, clean title running.
Color/ red&white $2888

1-2016 vx hull only with title $2000

1-2007 FX High Output hull with title, no motor. Color silver. $1200
Fx High Output complete engine $3500

5-2015 Yamaha V1 WaveRunners, motors
Run great good compression, 3 passenger machines, bodies need work, they float and run and drive, wholesale
Color/yellow&white $3999each

8-2014 Yamaha vx110, good clean machines, new paint, new seats, 3 passenger machines, motors have good compression. $4200 each delivered to miami if you buy all 8!!!
Color/ silver&awhile

1-2009 FX SHO supercharged, good running machine 200 hours, new seats, just needs ride plate, $3999!!!!!  Sold sold sold

Call (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157

Sold!!!Pair 2016 High Output WaveRunners with trailer $11,999

Selling pair of gently used WaveRunners, 2016 V1 cruiser jetskis 1.0 High Output engines. They feature: reverse, cup holders, folding rear steps, reverse, anti theft. Digital gas and speedo gauges,
1100cc 3 cylinder fourstoke motors. Super reliable skis, used as guide skis at a tour company, skis are clean motors and string and clean $11,999 with trailer
Located key west local sale or export
Call (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157

Yamaha VX110 TR1 and SHO motors for sale

We have the following jet ski engines for sale.

2008-2015 Yamaha VX110 motors,
Sold long block style with gear reduction, oil reservoir, exhaust and sensors drop in and go OEM Yamaha engine $2500-3000 each. With harness and Ecu $3000-4000each

2017 Yamaha TR1 3 cylinder motors, with exhaust intake etc $3500, still harness and Ecu $4000

2009 Yamaha SHO 1.8 supercharged motor, oem longblock with all electrics $3500

2003-2008 Yamaha FX High Output 1.6 non supercharged motors, fits many Jetboats and FX model skis $3500 with all electrics

TR1 yamaha 3 cylinder core engine $2000

TR1 running short block $3000

Yamaha vx110/1100 four cylinder cores longblock $950

Local sale or export all (305) 741-3157 of (912) 541-0647

30- 2015 Yamaha VX/V1 Running WaveRunners $4500-$5500 each

We have over 30 -2015 Yamaha V1 WaveRunners to choose from. All have the reliable 4 cylinder 110HP yamaha engine. All have been recently serviced, motors are clean and ready to go. These are the bigger 3 passenger models. They have digital gas and speedo gauges, front storage as well as a glove box. These are the staple for the rental industry. We specialize in exporting. Just let us know where they need go. All units have clean titles. Prices dont include trailers. We do free delivery to Miami for shipping companies. We gaurentee the running units actually run. We also have motors and parts as well. Call (305) 741-3157 or (912) 541-0647 ask to speak to Miller