2016 & 2017 Yamaha V1 and EX WaveRunners cheap cheap

2-2017 Yamaha EX Deluxe WaveRunners, clean machines but need tune ups, been sitting. 3 cylinder TR-1 Enginés 100HP, skis have reverse etc. Color blue, price 3750 each 

2-2016 Yamaha V1 WaveRunners, complete unit’s been sitting need engine work tune ups etc. have TR-1 H.O. Motors, clean hulls, color Yellow.  Price $4000 each

3-2017 Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunners, big body Vx hulls with reverse, brakes etc. TR-1 H.O. Motors good running clean machines.Color: red/white/Black. Price $5500 each firm

4-2017 EX WaveRunners , green/white color, 3 cylinder skis 400-600 hours good running units.clean bodies. Well maintained.Price $4500 each 

6-2017 V1 yamaha WaveRunners, TR-1 H.O. Engines, big body ski, good reliable units, clean hulls, well maintained. Green/white and yellow/white hulls , 300-600 hours $4500 each 

Locale sale or export all have clean titles 

Call (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157


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