Yamaha FX140 Motor oem good running engine $3000

Yamaha FX140 MR-1 Motor, 998cc, came out of a 2003 FX140 ski. Motor is oem and is running. Good compression, picture taken without intake/airbox on it but we do have it. Fits other models etc. Last One we have!! First $3000 takes it!!! We can ship it through freight center. Call (912) 541-0647. Jetskis world wide 365!!! Jetski123.com cashforskis.com

Yamaha VX V1 EX FX engine package deals!!!

Yamaha WaveRunner Engine package deals. 

Note: all OEM Engines come with all sensors, exhaust, intake, starter, stator, and oil reservoir. All engines are Fäctory Yamaha not rebuilt! Drop in and go. Engine have been Water tested and Compression tested.

2005-2015 VX110/vx1100 4 cylinder

Motor $2500

Vx110/vx1100 Motor with Harness, ECU, Throttle body. $3000-3500

2002-2008 FX High Output 1.6 1100cc

Non supercharged $3500 with all electrics and harness.

2016/2019 Yamaha TR-1 1.0 High Output 3 cylinder. V1/ VX Cruiser/ EX

Motor $3000-3500

Motor with harness etc $3500/4000

Local sale and export avaliable

Call (305) 741-3157 or (912) 541-0647